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The Pamphlet Design of Internet Cafe

The  Pamphlet design of internet cafe with corel draw 12

The phamplet design of internet cafe is designed with coreldraw 12, this phamplet can edited by corel 12 or above, this design consist of full of vector, so this design can resize and print to high resolution.

Free download the pamphlet design of internet cafe, click this link : ziddu or mediafire
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The Design Of Gallerico T-shirt

the t-shirt design of gallerico with corel draw 1
the t-shirt design of gallerico with corel draw 2


This t-shirt design is made with corel draw 12. You can download and use the t-shirt design for free. You may modify the t-shirt became you want such distress / distro t-shirt, official t-shirt, sport t-shirt, souveneer t-shirt, etc.

for free download t-shirt design with corel draw click .........
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